michael allen HOLLINGER

Fight Choreographer - Actor - Stuntman


Piece out our imperfections with your thoughts
— William Shakespeare, Henry V, Prologue

Recent Credits: Stunt Performer on Omega Unit with Greene Monster Stunts
                             Assistant to the producer, John Davis, on upcoming Netflix feature

If I were to look back at my life a decade ago, I never would have imagined my life as it is now. Maybe we all come to this realization after 30. If you were to ask me what I would be doing at my age now, I never would have said Fight Director or scholar of Shakespeare. I, most indubitably, would have scoffed at the idea of studying and performing Shakespeare. At 19, I despised the playwright due to poor experience with him in high school. I have, as most people do, grown up in some ways, though. I owe a lot to my past instructors and classmates that have helped lead me in the directions I have taken as well as the paths I am currently following. If it were not for a Shakespeare professor during my undergraduate studies, an instructor who helped me see the beauty and magic of Shakespeare, I would not have attended graduate school. And had I not attended graduate school, I would not have studied stage combat with John Paul Scheidler, which has led me on a continued path toward discovery and life-long training in the arts.

So now, living in Atlanta, GA, I have had the great privilege to study with various instructors from across the globe that have taught me a lot about violence but also a lot about being an artist and a human being. I strive to find ways to create stories that help myself and others cope with tragedy, discrimination, and abuse. Studying stage combat and stunts gives me a different understanding of what it means to tell a story; a story where words have failed to achieve a goal and all that is left are our bodies and the tools we arm ourselves with. Humans are frightening creatures when passions enraged.

My life, however, does not solely revolve around stunts, stage combat, and Shakespeare. I have recently taken up Yoga in a means to regain flexibility and strength once lost. I also enjoy playing guitar and piano, even if only at an intermediate level. I also love traveling and spending time with my family as much as possible. When everything else fails, I find myself binge watching shows, playing guitar, or enjoying some time with the gaming consoles.

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